Estate Planning and Trusts

At the Law Offices of Richard A. Glaser, we will work with you to explain all of your estate planning options, from a simple will to sophisticated trusts with significant assets. Every individual is in unique circumstances, and our attorneys will listen to your specific needs and develop an estate plan that meets your requirements. 


A comprehensive estate plan may include a number of documents, addressing the full range of the needs of an individual or family. Below are some of the most common documents included in an estate plan. Contact us at 508-655-5300 and we would be pleased to discuss these documents and other options with you:


  • Last Will and Testament: A properly drafted Will helps ensure that your property is divided according to your wishes and provides your executor with the ability to manage your estate.
  • Trusts: We can help determine whether a trust is appropriate for you. There are serveral types of trusts, which address different aspects of estate planning.  Whether you need a living trust (revocable trust), an irrevocable trust, a trust for a minor, a charitable trust, a Special Needs Trust, or another kind of trust, we can guide you through your options and provide you with the trust documents that meet your specific needs.
  • Power of Attorney: If you are unable to make financial decisions and manage your affairs for yourself, who will make those decisions? A durable power of attorney can provide authority, and establish responsibility and guidelines for handling your affairs when you are incapacitated.
  • Health Care Proxy: This document allows a designated person or persons to make health care and medical decisions if you are incapacitated.
  • Living Will: It is important to document your wishes regarding end of life care to help ensure that you receive only the treatment you want if you are unable to act on your own behalf.
  • Business Succession Planning: If you own a family business or a closely held business, we can help you create a succession plan and tools to ensure that the business remains strong in case of illness or death.


Estate Administration


Our office also represents executors, personal representatives, trustees, and other individuals responsible for administering trusts and estates. We will help you understand your responsibilities and guide you through the often complex process of managing an estate or trust. 


Do you have questions about Estate Planning or Trusts? Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION at (508) 655-5300 or via our contact form.